About us

Established since 1994, Tropical Wood specializes  in cabinet making, carpentry, interior design and contemporary furniture by working corian, wood and its derivatives.

Tropical Wood has 4,400 m² of state-of-the-art workshops where nearly 180 employees from various trades and functions work together to best fit your wishes and drive your ideas to reality.

Tropical Wood program and operate a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router using commercial cabinet design software in order to stay a leader in the advancing wood industry.


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Our expertise

All these areas are the indissociable elements of a realization that from an original idea will lead to high-level works follow the tradition of excellence specific to the company Tropical Wood. Create and adapt to the vision and wishes of the client.


Starting from your specifications, the Tropical Wood design office specifies the measures, analyzes the constraints of your technical project related to the place to the envisaged materials, but also to the regulation.

Our technicians accompany you in all stages …

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Wood is a material that we rediscover in our homes because of its technical and aesthetic advantages.

Work tools have evolved with computers: alongside traditional machines such as planers, routers, sanders and other routers, the numerical control allows precision and reproducible work in series. …

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Passion for their profession, the cabinetmakers Tropical Wood work precious woods to offer you exceptional furniture with a resolutely modern design.

In order to avoid overexploitation of wild wood species such as rosewood, ebony or other species protected by CITES, Tropical Wood uses alternative species but is just as pleasant to look at as to touch. …

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Tropical Wood can intervene from conception to the realization of your living spaces by combining aesthetics, originality and technical know-how in compliance with safety standards.

The layout is a discipline that brings together several activities …

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